…so it was probably the dumbest thing to “promise” more consistent posts the day before my boyfriend came into town after a four month absence. dumb. but then he left on monday and now it’s saturday and whaddya know, still nothing up on here. partly because i’ve been really tired this week for various reasons, and maybe also partly because i no longer have internet in my apartment. whoops.

basically, after a long and frustrating talk with someone from comcast regarding cancelling my account at the end of the month/billing cycle (because we couldn’t just transfer the account to my roommate, who will still be living there next year), i was told i was all set. and then half an hour later, my internet and cable were shut off. i tried calling comcast back to resolve the issue, but my phone number and account had already been deleted in their system and i couldn’t get past the automated menu to actually speak to someone. sigh.

really the only things i’m sad about are missing the next three weeks worth of so you think you can dance (we’re in the top ten! lauren might make her appearance as an all-star soon!) and the northwestern football opener (go cats!) and of course my near daily skype dates with hunter. but at least he’s in the states now and we can just chat on the phone instead (hurray for no longer having a seven hour time difference).

well, it’s late afternoon saturday and i’m feeling really sleepy and am a little bit tempted to take a nap, except i cannot feel justified in doing that because for the first time in a long time, i slept a lot last night. like, a lot. so instead i’m going to ramble a bit here because i’ve been meaning to write, but work got so busy and then i spent my evenings cleaning. and then after this, i’ll make some hot tea and curl up in my “reading corner” and restart the idiot, it has been a shamefully long time since i stopped making attempts to finish it. okay, plan.

i’m pretty sure my apartment is currently cleaner than it ever has been. ever. the routine for each room was pretty much the same – organize/put things where they belong, vacuum, swiffer, scrub, sweep, repeat any step if necessary. also freshened and lint rolled my sheets and the couch, all-in-all it was the most extensive cleaning i’ve done in my life.

the reason why i cleaned so much though, is not because i felt compelled to do so as a 20-year-old semi-adult who should be regularly exercising new adultish habits (like intensive cleaning)… nope. it’s because we had a cat living here with us all summer and, as cats are apt to do, she left a thin layer of cat hair over every surface here which was not really a problem except that my boyfriend is visiting me (he’ll be here tomorrow!!) and he’s allergic to cats.

i haven’t seen hunter in person in exactly 120 days, that’s three months, that’s the amount of time that it has been since april 6th. but he’s finally home from berlin for the next several weeks and we’re going to have the best time together, finally :) all the things we can’t do when we’re apart, everything is possible, for the next week, we are limitless!

i also discovered, in doing a little bit of digging to see what kinds of things are happening in the city this week, that there are a ton of free things in chicago all the time.

okay, this is pretty much all i feel like putting up here for now, i promise i’ll be more diligent with writing about things from here on out. and this was very stream-of-conscious-y.