I want to be a nomad. Wander around the world freely, never settling down too long in one place. I’d walk everywhere. See all the places and people and things I wouldn’t see otherwise. Experience more than I can even really imagine or comprehend. Fall in love every day, chasing the sun to my next destination. I’d carry my home around with me, on my back, in my heart. I’d be a storyteller, an artist, a student, a teacher. I’d learn the human experience, as best as possible, and I would be happy.

I want to be a happy mother and wife with a beautiful home and a beautiful family. Read books together in blanket forts we build, no limits on imagination. I want to make my babies sandwiches for lunch and go to all their soccer games and dance recitals and awkward middle school choir performances. I want to make scrapbooks out of our memories, and fill the house with love. Making a strong and lasting impact on the few around me would be deeply meaningful, and I would be happy.

I want to be a successful businesswoman, a leader. Stay a little more focused right now, ace the GMAT and matriculate in fall 2016 to Michigan’s Ross business school. I’d graduate with my MBA in 2018, Hunter with his MD the same year. We’d be a power couple. I’d be in management somewhere, leading a great team at a great company with a strong vision and lots of heart. I still think APAC taught me best, and the heart that truly loves, never forgets. I haven’t forgotten that feeling, the passion, the inspiration, the drive, and I would be happy.

I want to be a writer, a blogger, a creator of… something, but I’m not creative enough or maybe I just haven’t let myself really try. I’d have a really clever niche, something specific, a hobby maybe, to really absorb myself with and to give me something to share with others, through pictures, graphics, words. Something really interesting about me and my life, that others find interesting too. And I would be happy.

I want to be an elementary school teacher.

An estate lawyer.

An interior designer.

Just forget it all and move to the south of France and open up a charming little bread shop that always smells good…

Can’t I do it all?

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