1. One of my two front teeth is actually not real. I broke it in 2012 while attempting a flip during a practice for this raas performance and now all that’s left is a little nub of a tooth to hold my fake tooth in place. It was done so well though, you can’t even really tell which one is real and which is fake!
  2. I am about to be officially and legally adopted! Strange thought, considering I’m 21 years old and I’ve been living with my mom and stepdad (the adopter) for the past 14 years of my life… very weird to think that he has never been my legal parent all this time.
  3. I’ve never been to a real wedding in my entire life. Even my mom and stepdad were just married in a very small civil ceremony sort of thing. My friends need to start getting married so I can go to one.
  4. The number of countries I’ve been to at this point = 23. Have a long list to go.
  5. When I was young(er), I used to take art lessons. I think I was 11 or 12 when I created this and this. Now, I can’t even manage to properly draw good looking stick figures.
  6. I was awarded Tap Dancer of the Year 2010 at my old dance studio haha, and to this day, it is one of the accomplishments I feel most pleased about.
  7. The “Hang On Little Tomato” pandora station is one hundred percent completely me.
  8. The first time I got drunk was with family, in China. The night ended with me building and curling up on a pillow bed under a table, and singing Chinese songs at the top of my lungs. My family got a huge kick out of it.
  9. I have an excessively small bladder. Pregnancy is going to be a huge problem.
  10. I used to really not like cats. Then I catsitted this darling for a summer and now I love cats.
  11. I technically have a halfbrother somewhere out there… who just turned into a TEENAGER this year. I realized this a few days ago. 13 in January. MAN does time fly, or what.
  12. I really like baby elephants. They’re so awkward and adorable and probably my favorite. But baby animals in general, really.
  13. I very rarely type in complete/grammatically acceptable sentences. But I speak in complete/grammatically acceptable sentences. I’m not really sure why that is.
  14. If I could change one thing about myself… it wouldn’t be my appearance or weight or intelligence… I would just want to be able to sing really well. I really think that life would just be THAT much better.

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