A friend’s facebook status recently (hah) – “the sun must always make way for the night. The lows make way for the highs. Plants feed on the light, but grow in the dark.” I thought it sounded quite nice, that’s all, but it does sort of resonate. Life is dualistic. Duality. Opposites. Newton’s law. Yin and yang.

Right now – growing up but also not at all growing up. Here’s what I mean –

GROWING UP THINGS IN MY LIFE, currently: taxes, rent/bills, credit cards, saving for retirement, job commitment, drinking nice (aka expensive, ugh) cocktails instead of cheap beer and shots of heaven hill (double ugh), real cooking, cleaning, reading the news during my daily commutes, sleeping before midnight, backaches

NEGATING GROWING UP THINGS, currently: apparently eternal optimism, finding honest delight in the little things, still letting my day to day experiences move me, binge watching TV shows and/or disney movies, constantly feeling amazed and appreciative of this world and how beautiful it is and how much potential is still out there to explore… laughing crazily, loving openly, singing loudly (and badly), pledging to always stay young at heart, not minding the rain (when it’s warm), feeling butterflies

A happily harmonizing co-existence. Adapting to new responsibilities; never losing curiosity, simple happiness, and trust in this world and this life.

P.S. Excuse my lack of complete sentences. Series 7 exam on Monday. Mental state subpar until then.

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