One of my two front teeth is actually not real. I broke it in 2012 while attempting a flip during a practice for this raas performance and now all that’s left is a little nub of a tooth to hold my fake tooth in place. It was done so well though, you can’t even really tell which one is real and which is fake! I am about to be officially and legally adopted! Strange thought, considering I’m 21 years old… Read more »

A friend’s facebook status recently (hah) – “the sun must always make way for the night. The lows make way for the highs. Plants feed on the light, but grow in the dark.” I thought it sounded quite nice, that’s all, but it does sort of resonate. Life is dualistic. Duality. Opposites. Newton’s law. Yin and yang. Right now – growing up but also not at all growing up. Here’s what I mean – GROWING UP THINGS IN MY LIFE,… Read more »

An example of a realistically ideal weekday – midnight – Sleep. Dream happy dreams. 6am – Wake up, get dressed and ready for the day, make/eat breakfast, pack lunch, drink tea. 7am – Catch the bus and commute to work. Catch up on the news. 7:30am – Get into the office, get organized, get started… noon – Have a nice, hour long lunch break. Go outside, breathe in fresh air, walk/frolic around the streets of downtown Chicago. Or maybe hit… Read more »