So… I’m back! It’s been quite the hiatus. Not the most restful one either; this past month and a half has been crazy filled with changes, learning, fast-paced days, and lots of adjustment. Good thing I’ve always been good at adapting, right?

I’ve made a decision about this “blog” (not really sure what else I could call it). I’m simplifying it. In the fall, I was excited to take on this project, to learn some basic graphic design and photoshop things, to post in different categories, to have a semi-rigorous posting schedule, to actually attempt to build something that I wouldn’t mind sharing.

I don’t have time for that now that I’m back from Europe and living “real life” and working full time and studying half of my free time. But it really would be a shame if I abandoned my namesake URL altogether. So, simplify. Back to the basics. Write about what I want when I want, post the silly ramblings of my head and my heart. Hope that not very many people I know in real life read this.

Stay tuned?

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