I haven’t posted anything in nearly a week. What have I been doing instead?

  1. Took a trip to Budapest while Hunter was in the states for more med school interviews (this time at Harvard! Johns Hopkins! Feinberg! he’s good at life) – thoroughly enjoyed the Turkish thermal baths, tried Hungarian Palinka and of course a huge amount of delicious goulash, was stunned by the gorgeous views of the Danube, and all around had a great time.
  2. Packed, unpacked, and packed again. Budapest was the last of my European travels. I head back to the United States on Thursday…
  3. Was sad and moped around about the fact that I’m leaving Amsterdam, Europe, and Hunter on Thursday.
  4. Re-watched Harry Potter movies along with said moping.
  5. Made chicken/rice/veggie soup at 2am tonight.
  6. Wrote this mini-post at 3am.

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