One of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season… is EGGNOG. I’m crazy about the stuff. Of course it’s got the creamy-and-delicious thing going for it, but I think part of its massive appeal for me is that it’s only around once a year. My dad and I started a tradition, probably around a decade ago, of having our first glass of eggnog together on Thanksgiving day. We’ve tried many different kinds and brands of eggnog through the years, but always come back to our good old local Guernsey Farms ‘nog. Indisputably the best ;). We buy a carton of the stuff, it sits so very tantalizingly unopened in the fridge until Thanksgiving, we pour our first glasses, and then slowly (or maybe not so slowly) finish the carton over the next few weeks (or days). And then cry because we’re out. (Some years, my dad sneakily replaces the first empty carton with a new one.)

Since it’s so important for me to get my yearly dose of eggnog, Hunter had the great idea of making some of our own! At first I was like, making eggnog? Is that even possible? But yes. It is possible. It is very possible, and it is so delicious. We more or less followed Alton Brown’s recipe; Hunter and I are both a fan of his quirky Good Eats show on Food Network, so we trusted that this would be a good one. Beat egg yolks, beat in sugar, add a good amount of cream, milk, and nutmeg (we skipped the bourbon), and then fold in whipped/stiff egg whites. We don’t have a stand mixer, so I did all the beating by hand. What an effort! Worth it.

The eggnog was soo creamy and good. And it tasted like eggnog as I know it and it was everything I wanted. Although, I think it was perhaps a little bit too creamy, and maybe not as thick as I usually like it. The next time I try this recipe, I’ll cut out some of the cream, maybe add in another egg yolk, and serve my eggnog freshly made. I let my batch sit and chill in the fridge for a while, and it ended up losing a lot of its volume and probably thickness as the egg whites deflated… or something. Nonetheless, I would say that my first homemade eggnog was a big success! And I was so happy to have gotten my ‘nog fix in.

(We may have been a bit impatient though, and had our first glasses the night before Thanksgiving… oops.)

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