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First things first. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – HAPPY ALMOST CHRISTMAS EVE!!! I’m so excited for Christmas, for spending the afternoon in the kitchen with my dad tomorrow (a rarity!), for having a Christmas Eve dinner with the cousins (in a Chinese restaurant, of course), for giving and receiving presents, for visiting Hunter in Minneapolis, for my birthday(!), and for the beginning of a new year in the best city with a new job and new… Read more »

In the past sixteen months, I have been to sixteen different cities in twelve different countries. Paris, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, Chicago, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Prague, Paris again, London, Madrid, Edinburgh, and Budapest. I graduated a year early and instead of jumping into a full-time job right away, I did a three-month “fun” internship, then skipped across the pond to go live abroad for three months. With my long-term boyfriend, who’s currently enrolled in a two-year international Master’s… Read more »

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THINK: For any kind of campaign, the first step is to plan – research, gather insights, brainstorm, strategize. Keep the goal in mind. Are you trying to teach? Create conversions? Strengthen bondss? CREATE: Build assets – traditional and digital. What kinds of things will be seen? Websites, mobile apps, videos, grassroots campaigning, product samplings, etc. ENGAGE: Drive traffic to those assets to make sure they are seen! Create relationships through various channels to connect with consumers. OPTIMIZE: Constantly evaluate the… Read more »

I haven’t posted anything in nearly a week. What have I been doing instead? Took a trip to Budapest while Hunter was in the states for more med school interviews (this time at Harvard! Johns Hopkins! Feinberg! he’s good at life) – thoroughly enjoyed the Turkish thermal baths, tried Hungarian Palinka and of course a huge amount of delicious goulash, was stunned by the gorgeous views of the Danube, and all around had a great time. Packed, unpacked, and packed… Read more »


Hunter and I had an amazing time in Scotland last weekend; I had no idea Edinburgh was going to be so beautiful! Silly me. Home to Adam Smith, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, and of course, J.K. Rowling, Edinburgh was every bit as charming as I could have hoped for. Medieval castles, a palace, and craggy moors. Stunning views. Between the two of us, we captured 400+ photos for the weekend trip. Here’s a peak at some of them.


One of my absolute favorite things about the holiday season… is EGGNOG. I’m crazy about the stuff. Of course it’s got the creamy-and-delicious thing going for it, but I think part of its massive appeal for me is that it’s only around once a year. My dad and I started a tradition, probably around a decade ago, of having our first glass of eggnog together on Thanksgiving day. We’ve tried many different kinds and brands of eggnog through the years,… Read more »


Happy December! If you’re like me, you’re just about waking up from a Thanksgiving food/coma and are getting ready to full on celebrate the upcoming holidays! I usually get really excited about the prospect of holiday decorations – it’s all just so festive and happy – but in our little Amsterdam apartment this year, there’s not too much room to go all out. So in lieu of trees and garlands and ornaments and holly and mistletoe… I made something small… Read more »

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This post is a bit overdue, especially considering Hunter and I accidentally celebrated our Thanksgiving one week early this year… but LOOKIE LOOKIE at all the yummy foods we made! Leftovers for days. Happy tummies. As you know from this post, this was my first Thanksgiving that I didn’t celebrate with my parents in the home I grew up in surrounded by the normal crowd. This year, it was up to Hunter and I, in our cozy little nest, to… Read more »