This is my first Thanksgiving that I’m not spending at home with my parents, so I’m feeling especially reminiscent of our celebrations. Thinking about our kitchen island counter top loaded with food – both the Thanksgiving classics as well as a good amount of Chinese food cooked up by my mom (“need more vegetables!”) and brought along by our guests. Thinking about the kids that come every year, whom I only see once a year, and how different they look every time we sit around the table. We’ve all grown up since our first Thanksgiving dinner all together. Thinking about laughing until my sides hurt over absolutely nothing at all with my crazy cousins and friends, and of “pumpkin gooey butter cakes”, and of board games and long conversations. And thinking about it all, I am happy.

This year, I’m spending the first half of Thanksgiving in Amsterdam with Hunter. And even though we had our big celebration last Thursday, today is special for us because it’s our first holiday together! For the first time, we’re with each other instead of at our respective parents’ homes and even though it’s a little bittersweet, I think it’s a big moment, something really memorable. This evening, I fly out to Edinburgh for the beginning of an adventurous weekend amongst medieval castles and craggy moors (!!). All in all, a wonderful day, a wonderful life, and I am so thankful. And I am happy :).

And to you –

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