I really don’t know how, but for the past couple of months I was convinced that Thanksgiving was actually last Thursday… I wrote it down and decorated the page in my planner and everything! Funny thing was, Hunter thought it was last Thursday too. And so we made all of our extravagant plans for last week… set a menu for our Thanksgiving dinner, went grocery shopping for ingredients, struggled hardcore to obtain a turkey in Amsterdam (apparently the Dutch don’t really eat turkey), invited some friends over… whoops!

Turns out, our friends had never celebrated American Thanksgiving before, and it ended up being a huge success! Of course Thanksgiving is the one time a year where I really gorge myself on food, and this year was no exception. We spent close to seven(?) hours in the kitchen and cooked up plates and plates of food (look out for a Thanksgiving food post!); we finished preparing our meal with barely enough time to spare before people were supposed to arrive.

And that’s when I realized – I hadn’t made any kind of decorations!! Even though the food was definitely the main event, I thought it would be nice if we tried to make the apartment just a little festive, and so I quickly put together something to add a touch of Thanksgiving color to our walls. This is what I ended up with –


Okay so it’s not the most elaborate thing, and it kind of looks like I made it in about five minutes. But that’s because I did. I basically just drew the first things that popped into my head when I thought “Thanksgiving”, roughly cut them out, stuck them down to red/orange/yellow paper, and cut those shapes out. Stuck them to the wall by the table where we laid out all our food, and voila! Effective, “minimal” decoration.


^Recreate the look (but better…) with these fall leaf cut-outs! Just print a couple of sheets, cut the leaves out, glue to colored paper and you have your own easy decorations! Stick them to the wall, hang them in your window, use them as name place cards, lay them on your table, the possibilities go on. And it really will take you no time at all.

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