I’m currently re-reading a few papers that I wrote in college, and am (really surprisingly) impressed that they actually sound coherent, somewhat insightful, and somewhat intelligent. Considering that my paper-writing memories are overwhelmingly of late-night scrambles to pull scattered thoughts together, I really am clueless as to how I pulled some of these off.

After rediscovering and rewatching this video a couple of times this year, I’m thoroughly convinced that I want a yorkipoo as my first pup. SO CUTE WAH.

I fried part of my hair the other day (as well as killed my straightener, dumb faulty voltage converter) and it’s really, really upsetting. I have resorted to doing my hair like this every day to avoid touching the frizzy bit.

Poor, poor Northwestern football.

Hunter has been accepted into Michigan medical school!!! We also won a beer pong tournament last week. I hit three last cups, including the last last cup. Good news all around :P.

I’ve been working on a total re-design of this blog because I’m already bored with how it looks. Stay tuned, and excuse the website construction messiness that is about to ensue.

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