anniversary wine bar

Hunter and I had been long distance for quite some time, and hadn’t had much opportunity to celebrate anniversaries, holidays, birthdays together. So, when our 30 month anniversary rolled around, we thought we’d make it an occasion because why not :). Well, I made him a card. (A nice card, okay.) And I had a small concept gift for him. But, in true Hunter fashion, he completely blew me away. After kicking me out of the apartment for an hour… Read more »

No doubt a corollary to the fact that Hunter and I are celebrated an anniversary just around the corner, I’ve been injected with some kind of crafting frenzy. I’ve all these ideas swimming through my head of the best/most fantastic/cutest/most aesthetically pleasing things to make and it’s a bummer that I don’t have all the resources here to do everything how I imagine. One day, when I have lots of money, I’m going to have a really fun crafting cabinet… Read more »


My memory for the details of my days is not the strongest (I guess just enjoying and experiencing what’s happening around me does not equate well to paying attention and retaining), so on my recent solo trip to Prague, I jotted little short notes on an iTouch as I went along (Saturday on an iPad) and took a billion pictures in the hopes that I could relive my experience through them. Here they are exacting as I typed them. Line… Read more »