What do you do when you have some downtime at work? Create a project for yourself, of course. I was introduced to SEO (search engine optimization) just very recently (aka when I started reading about it two weeks ago), so this is all pretty basic stuff, but I found it all interesting and potentially really powerful. Good luck with the ongoing website revamp efforts, Intersport!.

To everyone else, there’s a ton of stuff in here for the beginner do-it-yourself SEO-ers. Whether it’s for a company site or to boost your personal brand, here a bunch of easy things you can do to give yourself a lot more presence on the web.

1 seo_search_engine_optimization

2 seo_joke

3 what_is_seo

4 what_is_seo

5 seo_benefits

6 seo_strategy

7 seo_keyword_strategy

8 seo_keyword_strategy

9 seo_keywords_analytics

10 seo_keywords

11 seo_onpage_optimization_keywords

12 seo_internal_crosslinking

13 seo_links

14 seo_links

15 seo_links

16 seo_links_url

17 seo_link_building

18 seo_link_building

19 seo_link_building

20 seo_link_building_reverse_engineer

21 seo_link_building

22 seo_link_building

23 seo_content_development

24 seo_content_development

25 seo_social_media

26 seo_site_architecture

27 seo_site_architecture

28 seo_black_hat

29 seo_black_hat

30 seo_recommendations

31 seo_intersport

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