This morning, I was thinking – I should keep some kind of record somewhere of all the places that I’ve ever visited.

And how awesome and aesthetic would it be if I did it with a giant wall mural/decal/painting/board in my (future) home, marking all the places that I’ve traveled to with super cute DIY labels.

I can picture it. Really sleek and minimalist black lines tracing the outlines of the continents against the wall. Dots in one color for the places I’ve been. Dots in another color for the places Hunter’s been. Dots in a third color for the places we’ve been together.

We already have Pittsburgh, Chicago, Canton (MI), and Minneapolis together. Paris, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, and Berlin together. Coming up this fall – Amsterdam and Barcelona and London and Brussels and all over the Netherlands, together. I can’t wait.

Dot dot dot.

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