It’s Friday night and we’re spending the evening in the apartment washing and preparing fresh fruits/veggies, packing, and looking up things to do in Belgium. Off to our first mini-trip tomorrow – Antwerp, possibly Ghent, and Brussels! Really looking forward to those Belgium waffles and beer (perhaps not together)… Finishing off a big bowl of popcorn as I type this now and the rest of a bottle of wine with Hunter. My first day at the Voedselbank was really fun!… Read more »


Day six in Amsterdam and this is my first post, haha. To be fair though, the first couple of days were really busy and full with getting settled in and unpacking and IKEA shopping and grocery shopping and getting over jetlag and the like. I arrived at Schipol airport on Thursday morning, super sleepy after only catching around 3 hours worth of zZz’s on the plane, and Hunter was there waiting for me to take me home :). We took… Read more »

This morning, I was thinking – I should keep some kind of record somewhere of all the places that I’ve ever visited. And how awesome and aesthetic would it be if I did it with a giant wall mural/decal/painting/board in my (future) home, marking all the places that I’ve traveled to with super cute DIY labels. I can picture it. Really sleek and minimalist black lines tracing the outlines of the continents against the wall. Dots in one color for… Read more »

2 seo_joke

What do you do when you have some downtime at work? Create a project for yourself, of course. I was introduced to SEO (search engine optimization) just very recently (aka when I started reading about it two weeks ago), so this is all pretty basic stuff, but I found it all interesting and potentially really powerful. Good luck with the ongoing website revamp efforts, Intersport!. To everyone else, there’s a ton of stuff in here for the beginner do-it-yourself SEO-ers…. Read more »


…this week :) flaming sushi with an old friend a video of fat ninja (our baby kitten) floofing around hotel sleepover with my boyfriend (who was in town for a med school interview the next day star wars IV: a new hope a man holding his umbrella over me as i walked across the street on a rainy day a three hour liquored up (on their part, i’m still pitifully young) dinner with my coworkers baby pictures long walks, sunny… Read more »