If you know me at all, you know that I’m literally nuts when it comes to planners. I started using planners in elementary school (third grade maybe?) to help keep my schedule and school assignments organized, and as I got older and busier, they only became all the more essential and I became pickier. My planner had to be sturdy. Aesthetically pleasing. The layout had to be just right – week views with each day having enough blank lines, maybe… Read more »


I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, not even close, but living in a city like chicago presents itself with enough tummy-appeasing, happy-making, mouth-watering culinary opportunities that you just cannot avoid good eats. From quick bites to fine dining (while still on a budget), I’ve made some really special memories with the people in my life and the food we’ve shared. Here are my all-time favorites. – GINO’S EAST – I grew up and went to school (elementary through high) in… Read more »

the idiot zen flesh, zen bones lean in the willpower instinct the happiness project thinking fast and slow crime and punishment on another note, first night without internet – hung out at barnes and noble for three hours. went home and washed the dishes. laid in bed and played cribbage/gin on my phone. watched three episodes of friends that i had downloaded and saved on my computer. hard boiled some eggs. read zen flesh, zen bones. slept shortly after 11pm,… Read more »

…so it was probably the dumbest thing to “promise” more consistent posts the day before my boyfriend came into town after a four month absence. dumb. but then he left on monday and now it’s saturday and whaddya know, still nothing up on here. partly because i’ve been really tired this week for various reasons, and maybe also partly because i no longer have internet in my apartment. whoops. basically, after a long and frustrating talk with someone from comcast… Read more »


well, it’s late afternoon saturday and i’m feeling really sleepy and am a little bit tempted to take a nap, except i cannot feel justified in doing that because for the first time in a long time, i slept a lot last night. like, a lot. so instead i’m going to ramble a bit here because i’ve been meaning to write, but work got so busy and then i spent my evenings cleaning. and then after this, i’ll make some… Read more »